Nolla. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Sustainable first

The sustainably-minded Nolla glamping cabins explore the space between connecting and disconnecting, wilderness and primitive luxury. Our eco-friendly and mobile cabins offer zero-emission accommodations in unique and normally inaccessible locations in the midst of nature.

Creating a positive environmental impact

Merging with nature

Each Nolla cabin site is unique. It is our responsibility to help conserve the surrounding nature and its biodiversity. We have set zero emissions as our starting point and we are constantly working towards making a positive environmental impact. Currently, a portion of our profits goes to local environmental organisations.

We also consider it important to educate our guests. We encourage our guests to bring as few things as possible to the cabin and to take everything with them as they leave. We also share information and stories about what is distinctive about each location, whether it is rare flora or fauna or an interesting local history. The more information we give about the locations, the easier it is for guests to form a personal connection with each place.

Designed to create a harmonious entity

Nolla cabins were developed in 2018 by the sustainability-focused Finnish designer Robin Falck. Designed to create a harmonious entity by blending into their surroundings, Nolla cabins function entirely on renewable energy and lack most modern commodities. Their large windows offer splendid views of beautiful sceneries and allow you to interact directly with the surrounding nature. Shaped like a sharp A, Nolla cabins are slightly reminiscent of a tent. The shape of the cabin is meant to encourage visitors to treat their stay as if they were camping. Another aim of zero-emission accommodations is that guests consider carefully what they bring along with them.