Bärsskär – On the original surface of the Earth

Bärsskär is a dream. It’s a small island rising high in the middle of the Archipelago Sea. It’s got colourful rocky beaches that tell the story of how it emerged from the sea after the last ice age. Vegetation is scarce, reminding us how harsh it gets there during the long winter months. But in the summer, it is a paradise for birds – and perhaps for you.

Bärsskär is owned by Finnish entrepreneur Mika Ihamuotila, who is well known for his appreciation and love for the archipelago. In 2021 he opened Bärsskär for the use of international and domestic journalists and influencers so that they too could experience the incredible surrounding nature.

Ambassador collaboration

International and domestic journalists can stay on Bärsskär for free in exchange for a piece in their represented media. We provide our ambassadors with a boat ride to the island from Kasnäs, and have the Nolla cabin ready for their stay.

The cabin is fully equipped for two persons. There is a small gas stove to make your morning coffee and a plug for your phone or laptop. The solar panels on the roof produce just enough electricity to get through the day. Nolla is entirely zero-emission, so any carbon footprint that is created during the stay is compensated.

In addition to the Nolla cabin, there is a burning toilet on the island. But then that’s about it. There are rocks, birches, junipers and birds. There is the sea, and there is silence.

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