On the original surface of the Earth

Bärsskär is a dream. It’s a small island rising high in the middle of the Archipelago Sea. It’s got colourful rocky beaches that tell the story of how it emerged from the sea after the last ice age. Vegetation is scarce, reminding us how harsh it gets there during the long winter months. But in the summer, it is a paradise for birds – and perhaps for you.


For the Baltic sea

The Bärsskär Nolla cabin is part of a project which seeks to raise awareness of the incredible natural beauty of the Archipelago Sea. The project aims to raise donations to protect the Baltic Sea and its cultural heritage and to promote the region’s vitality and attractiveness. Currently, Bärsskär is open to international and Finnish journalists and influencers.

Get to know Isosaari

Isosaari is one of the outermost islands of Helsinki, and, as its name implies, it is a large island. Isosaari is the first Nolla cabin destination, and it is easily accessible from Helsinki.