Isosaari 7


Isosaari 7

Lat: 60.104803120986, Lng: 25.054804454017

From: 187,00

Isosaari fortress island

Isosaari is an over 100-year old fortress island just over a half an hour boat ride away from Helsinki’s Market Square. It is one of the outermost islands in the Helsinki region and a culturally significant location. The sights and nature on the island are unique. Isosaari is close to the city but far enough not to be disturbed by its noise. There is a restaurant and a public sauna on the island.

During the summer, Suomen Saaristokuljetus offers sea transport to the island from the Helsinki Market Square. The boat from the Market Square to Isosaari leaves at 12 p.m. Visitors must vacate the cabin the following day by and the boat back to the mainland leaves between 11.00. You can find more info about Isosaari from

You will need to bring any equipment you may need on your trip as well as a sleeping bag or bed linen. After use, the cabin must be left in its original state.

Isosaari 7