Relaxation retreat

Experience relaxation retreat on a deserted island

Welcome to a restorative retreat on a deserted island. A place to calm down, empower, ground yourself, and enjoy quality time with a friend or loved one.

During this two-night retreat, you will stay in a stunning Nolla cabin, enjoy the healing effects of nature, guided meditation, therapeutic singing bowls, and writing exercises designed to bolster your resources. Being in nature has been scientifically proven to balance the nervous system, improve mood, calm, reduce stress, and boost immunity. Combined with restorative techniques, perspective-expanding exercises, and fellowship, you will emerge from the retreat renewed in body, mind, and soul.

The location of the retreat is Tvijälp Island in the eastern archipelago of Espoo. The island's beautiful nature provides the perfect setting for the retreat's activities, allowing you to meditate on the archipelago rocks, enjoy the sounds of singing bowls under the open sky, and sleep with the archipelago landscape unfolding before you. On the island, you'll experience the ambiance of a deserted island, and despite its easily accessible location, you'll be completely detached from everyday life and the hustle and bustle of the city.

The nature on the island is fascinating and diverse. The southern part is dominated by smooth rock formations, while the northern part boasts lush forests. Beautiful beach meadows and venerable, gnarled pines can be admired all around the island. The difference in elevation and the abundance of trees create a distinct atmosphere from the mainland, allowing for true tranquility in nature on the island.

The departure harbor can be reached from the center of Helsinki by metro in about 10 minutes, and the boat trip to the island takes only about 15 minutes.


The retreat's practices are suitable for everyone and do not require any previous experience.

Please dress appropriately for the weather, as we will be genuinely in nature and outdoors for the duration of the retreat. The only indoor spaces are the heated Nolla cabins, which offer a cozy refuge for diving into writing exercises should the rain surprise us. On the second day of the retreat, we will indulge ourselves in the luxurious sauna of Hotel Hanasaari, where you can refresh in both the swimming pool and the sea, perhaps even ordering a glass of sparkling wine.

The retreat schedule is designed to be spacious, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of unhurriedness, spend time with a friend, and let your nervous system recover in the midst of nature. We recommend turning your phone to airplane mode for the duration of the days, but we fully understand if you want to capture Tvijälp in photos - who wouldn't want to!

Retreat Schedule

Day 1
4:30 PM Departure from Keilaniemi Marina
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Retreat opening & nature meditation
7:00 PM Community dinner
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM Evening check-in & writing exercise
9:30 PM - 10:00 PM Singing bowl relaxation in nature
10:00 PM Evening snack

Day 2
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM Morning meditation & gentle movement with a sea view
9:00 AM Breakfast in the cabins
10:30 AM Boat trip to Hanasaari
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Private scenic sauna & swimming at Hotel Hanasaari
1:00 PM Boat trip back to Tvijälp
1:30 PM Community lunch
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Guided relaxation in nature
6:00 PM Community dinner
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Evening check-in and writing exercise in the setting sun
9:00 PM Evening snack

Day 3
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM Singing bowl meditation & writing exercise with a sea view
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Generous picnic breakfast & closing of the retreat
11:00 AM Clearing the cabins
12:00 PM Departure from the island

June 17-19
August 5-7
August 19-21

2 people / cabin
450€ / person
3 people / cabin
390€ / person

Participation in the program is entirely voluntary. During the retreat, rowboats, single kayaks, and SUP boards are freely available for those who wish to enjoy the scenery from the water.

The price includes the retreat program, accommodation, boat transfers, meals, a private sauna session at Hotel Hanasaari, as well as a retreat journal and a meditation mat. The cabin comfortably accommodates three adults, as the beds can be arranged into one large bed.

Remember, Nolla is not a hotel, but a comprehensive nature tourism experience. So, please come to the island full of adventure spirit, and together we'll make the retreat unforgettable!

You can sign up yourself and your friend for the Relaxation retreat by sending us a message through the contact form at

The retreat is led by Saija Uussaari. Saija is a solution-focused brief therapist, yoga teacher, and practitioner of reiki and singing bowl therapy. Saija's presence is calm, direct, and gentle. She designed the Tvijälpi retreats to be as unhurried and restorative as possible. You can learn more about Saija and her services at

You can make a preliminary reservation for the entire cabin group. The provisional booking is valid for 5 days, after which it needs to be confirmed. Registration is binding, but the number of people in the cabin (2-3 persons) can be adjusted later, and the final price of the retreat will be determined accordingly. The final number of participants must be known at least one month before the retreat date. After registration, we will send an invoice for the reservation fee by email. The reservation fee is €300 per cabin, payable immediately. The final price of the retreat is due one month before the date. The retreat organizer reserves the right to cancel the retreat in case of force majeure or insufficient number of participants.

Please note that the island does not have running water and is partially rugged terrain. If you have acute health issues, we do not recommend staying on the island. The island is not private, so there may also be other hikers around. The Nolla cabins are equipped with a solar-powered electrical outlet, and power is available for charging devices depending on weather conditions.



Phone: +358 10 384 5000 (10am-4pm, UTC+2)