Responsible nature tourism

Respect nature – don’t tamper with it

• Keep pets on a leash.

• Observe animals and their offspring from a reasonable distance.

• Remember to also respect the island’s vegetation. Trampling on vegetation when taking photos is a problem in many places.

• Making piles of stones is harmful to nature and culture.

• Act responsibly with regard to nature in social media channels.

Spending time in nature

• Please protect the nature by using marked trails.

• Nolla publishes details about restricted areas and places you can only access at particular times together with the information on each destination. Please check the guidelines and follow them.

• Please also take other visitors into consideration.

• When paddling, please keep a distance of at least 50 metres to beaches with cottages.


• Campfires are allowed only in marked areas. In some Nolla destinations, campfires are completely prohibited.

• Opt for using the fixed and camp stoves offered by Nolla when cooking.

• Do not tear bark or sausage sticks off living trees.

• Use firewood and charcoal sparingly.

• Always check if there are any grass or forest fire warnings in the area.

Rubbish-free camping

• Don’t throw rubbish in the nature, but always take it to a designated waste point.

• Small amounts of leftover food can be placed in the compost or dry toilet at the excursion destination.

• Always carry a small rubbish bag with you and pick up any rubbish that others may have left behind.

• Always clean up the cabin and its surroundings after your stay.