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Tvijälp is a 13.4 hectare island located off the coast of Espoo. Tvijälp is an authentic local nature tourism destination, as the island is located only 200 meters from Westend in Espoo, but at the same time it offers a wonderful contrast to the hectic city life. There are no services on the island and the only buildings there belong to an old fishing farm, a relic of Espoo’s fishing tradition. Tvijälp is part of the eastern archipelago of Espoo. To the northeast lies Småholm and to the southwest Varsasaari. Further away, to the southeast, is Vehkasaari, and to the east, in Westend, Korkeasaari. Koivusaari with its marina and metro stations is located a little over two kilometres northeast of Tvijälp.

The island’s nature is varied; the southern part is dominated by sheep rock and the northern part by lush forests. Fine coastal meadows and old cypress pines are present all over the island. Tvijälp is shaped like the letter C and thus offers a sheltered and reed-lined cove, providing an excellent place to land with a kayak. The dock and moorings are also located in the cove. The high cliffs where the Nolla cottages are located offer a spectacular view of the Gulf of Finland. The height difference and abundant trees exacerbate the difference between the mainland and the island.

The nature of the island is unique and valuable, so we ask visitors to only move along the rocks and existing paths. In addition, birds of prey nest on the island in spring, and they must be left undisturbed.

When planning your trip, please keep in mind that there are no services, personnel, nor running water on the island.

Nolla Rantapuisto

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Access to the island

You can get to the island either on your own boat or by using the provided boat service. If you wish to use the boat service, please buy a boat ticket either for the 12:45 a.m. or 13:30 a.m. boat. The boat service brings visitors to the island on a wooden boat from the 50s, which can take a maximum of 8 passengers at a time. Please present your booking confirmation to the captain when boarding. The boat leaves from Keilaranta Marina in Keilaniemi, Espoo, at the address Kalanokankuja, 02150 Espoo. We recommend using public transport to get to the marina. It is about a 400-meter walk from Keilaniemi Metro Station to the dock. You can also get to the island on your own boat. If this is the case, please reserve a mooring when making your booking. The number of moorings on the island is limited.

The boat returns to the mainland from the island at 13.00 a.m. and 13.45 a.m. Please check out of your Nolla cabin 30 minutes before the boat leaves so that our personnel has time to check the cabin before the next visitors arrive. Please also remember to arrive at the dock in time before the boat leaves.

About the cabins

The Tvijälp Nolla cabins are located on the south side of the island on top of a high cliff. The terrain contains steep hills and is therefore not suitable for people with reduced mobility. From the cabins, the seascape opens up towards the Espoo archipelago. Each cabin includes two adult-size beds with blankets and pillows. The beds can be pushed together if guests wish to sleep next to each other on a large bed. Additional mattresses can be found in the bed drawers. In the drawers, you will also find a sun shade, which you can use to prevent the cabin from overheating on hot summer days. There are ventilation valves above the door and next to the window.

The cabins include an electrical socket, which, depending on the weather, may be used for charging electrical devices. All Nolla cabins also include a stove and a radiator.  There is no fridge, which you should take into consideration when planning your trip. Cooking is easy, as there are both cooking utensils and recyclable containers in the cabins. Please make sure you recycle all your rubbish and take any dirty dishes to the pick up point in the dock at the end of your stay.

Please bring water, food, and bedding or a sleeping bag to the island. You will find everything else in the cabin! You can also purchase bed linen, which will be delivered to the cabin for your stay.

Activities and services on the island

Tvijälp is an excellent choice if you are looking for a relaxing holiday in nature without many activities. There are no services on the island. This means that you get to experience a perfect desert island atmosphere just a stone’s throw away from the heart of the city. Still, if you are looking for activities, you will also find things to do on the island, as you may rent a rowing boat or kayak for the day, for example. Please always use a life vest and act responsibly on the water. There is a common barbeque place on the island, which includes a gas grill with all the necessary equipment. Open fires are strictly prohibited on the island. The island has four dry toilets.

We have also created a nature-themed competition that children aged 0-12 can take part in.


It is essential that you leave the cabin in a clean state for the next visitor. Please sweep the floor, shake out blankets and make all the beds. Please also leave the shelf and cooktop in a clean state. Please inform us if you accidentally break, lose or dirty anything. It is very important to us that the cabins stay clean and well-maintained. There is a recycling point on the island. Please recycle all your rubbish.

Practical information

Please take note of the fact that there is no personnel on the island! When the boat leaves the dock, it will not come back until the following day. So please bring enough water and food on your trip. If you suffer from any health issues, we advise you not to spend the night on the island. Please remember that Nolla cabins are not hotels but an all-encompassing nature tourism experience. So, make sure you also pack some adventure spirit for your trip!