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Frequently asked questions

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Here, you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to a certain question, please e-mail us at

Can I bring a pet to a Nolla cabin?

All of our destinations have separate pet cabins where you can bring your pet.

Do Nolla cabins have electrical sockets?

The cabins in Isosaari have a USB charging point. There are also sockets in our new locations. Solar panels produce enough energy to charge electrical devices.

Is it possible to buy a Nolla cabin?

We do not currently sell Nolla cabins for personal use. However, this could change in future.

Do Nolla cabins have toilets?

The cabins do not have toilets. Depending on the location, there is a shared indoor toilet or a dry toilet in the cabin area.

Do Nolla cabins have heating?

Yes. The stove that functions with renewable energy also acts as a heater which means that the cabins can be used on cooler spring or autumn nights.

Do Nolla cabins have a fridge?

No. We recommend bringing a cooler for snacks that require refrigeration.

Isosaari Nolla by Johanna Kleemola
How many people do Nolla cabins take?

Nolla cabins are optimal in size and equipment for two people. However, you can also bring children, because in Isosaari you can move the beds and in our new destinations it is possible to push beds together.

Nolla Isosaari Outdoor family
What is included in the price of the accommodation?

The price includes accommodation in a Nolla cabin and selected activities. In Isosaari, you do not need to buy a boat ticket separately.

What to pack when going to a Nolla cabin?

You will need bedding or a sleeping bag, weather-appropriate clothing and, of course, food and snacks. Light sleepers should also pack eye patches in the summer. There is no drinking water available on the island in Tvijälp, so you should pack your own drinking and dishwashing water.

Do you need to bring water with you to the cabin?

Depends on the destination. You do not need to bring water to Isosaari, as there is a water fountain in the sauna building next to the cabins. There is no running water in Tvijälp, so you should bring your own drinking water.

Can I collaborate with Nolla?

Definitely! Please send a collaboration request to

Should I bring my own bed linen and sheets to Nolla?

Yes. Alternatively, you can bring a sleeping bag (and a bottom sheet). The cabins have high-quality blankets and pillows, but on cooler nights in spring and autumn, you might need a sleeping bag to stay warm. If you wish, you can also rent bedding while making your reservation.

Do Nolla cabins have curtains?

There are no curtains in Nolla cabins, so light sleepers should pack eye patches for bright summer nights.

Are there saunas in Isosaari?

Yes. You can book a sauna shift when booking your accommodation.

Can you cook in Nolla cabins?

Yes! The cabins have a stove, as well as cooking utensils and dishes for preparing simple meals.