Viikinsaari - natural beauty and diverse activities in the heart of Tampere

Viikinsaari is a unique pearl located just 20 minutes from the centre of Tampere, offering a variety of services and activities for all ages. This idyllic island will certainly charm the entire family with its nostalgic atmosphere and lush, diverse nature.

Up to 71% of the island's surface area is a nature reserve, making it an important ecological site in the Tampere region. Viikinsaari belongs to Pirkkala's valuable grove centre and is home to many rare species of plants and birds. Viikinsaari has been a recreational area since the mid-19th century. Tampere's oldest restaurant also operates on the island.

Viikinsaari's Nolla Cabins are located on the south side of the island, in the heart of the grove of trees. Depending on the location of the cabin, you can either enjoy a magnificent view of the lake or the diverse forest with its grand pine trees. The large windows of the cabin and its tent-like architecture make it a unique place to stay. You can truly experience sleeping in the middle of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city

We warmly welcome you to Viikinsaari's Nolla Cabins! Come and be enchanted and create unforgettable moments in a unique setting alone, with friends, or with your partner or family.


Access to the island

There are two options for getting to the island:

1) You can use the Hopealinjat shuttle vessel from Laukontori. Two seats will be automatically reserved for you on the vessel that departs at 1.00 pm. You can also travel to the island at a later departure time, subject to availability. To confirm your seat on a ferryboat at a later departure time, you can contact Hopealinjat customer service, whose contact details can be found at The ferryboats depart from the port of Laukontori on the hour. Please note that check-in to the island is no earlier than 1.30 pm.

You can return from Viikinsaari on the ferryboat at a departure time of your choice. Please note, however, that there is a limited number of passengers that can be taken on board, and these are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. A return ticket is also included in the price of your accommodation.

There are special transport schedules on days when Hopealinjat does not operate to the island. Please check the ferry schedules at On these special days, transportation to the island will be provided by a smaller boat departing from Laukontori as follows, with departure times depending on the number of the cabin you have chosen:

June 1st-August 25th at 1:00 PM or 1:30 PM. Return trips at 1:15 PM or 1:45 PM.
August 26th-September 30th at 4:30 PM or 5:00 PM. Return trips at 4:45 PM or 5:15 PM.

The trip to the island takes about 20 minutes from the port of departure. You don't need to buy a separate ticket. Transport is included in the price of accommodation. Remember to present your booking confirmation to the driver when you board the ferryboat.

2) You can also rent a rowing boat from Nolla to travel to Viikinsaari. The boats are located at Pereensaari sauna, which is about 500 metres from the island. Life jackets are included in the booking.

Please check out of your Nolla cabin at 12 AM and August 26th-September 30th 1,5 h before the return boat leaves so that our staff has time to check the cabin before the next visitors arrive. Please note that the island is accessible to people with mobility impairments only on days with Hopealinjat transport services.

About the Nolla cabins

The Nolla cabins are located on the south side of the island near the beach, about a 5-minute walk from the Laivalaituri pier. The route from the Laivalaituri pier to the cabins is along an easy-access, old dirt road. You can get to the cabins by walking along the duckboards.

There are five Nolla Cabins at Viikinsaari. Cabins 1 and 2 have beautiful lake views from their windows. These cabins are located closest to the beach. Cabins 3, 4 and 5 are located on a ridge near the field. The windows of these cabins overlook a diverse, dense forest area and the lake in front of them. Cabin number 3 is a pet cabin. It is located near the nature reserve. The other Nolla cabins are pet-free and thus also suitable for allergy sufferers. Cabin number 5 has a wheelchair ramp.

The price includes accommodation for two people. The Nolla Cabin is most suitable for two people, but it can also comfortably accommodate two adults and two children. The beds can be pushed together if guests wish to sleep next to each other on a large bed. Additional mattresses can be found in the bed drawers. The beds have good-quality pillows and blankets. However, please remember to pack your own bed linen or select them from the extra services when booking. If you are planning accommodation for a group of 3-4 people, please let us know of any extra people when booking. In this way, we can make sure that there is enough space for transport and enough equipment for all overnight guests.

Nolla Cabins are equipped with cooking utensils and ecological disposable dishware. They also have an electrical outlet, a hob, and a radiator. Please note that the cabins are not equipped with a fridge.

The Nolla Cabins also feature a sunshade, which provides privacy and prevents heat during the summer season. The cabins are also equipped with a fan. There are ventilation valves above the door and next to the window.

Activities and services on the island

Viikinsaari is known for its diverse services. The absolute gem of the island is Tampere's oldest restaurant, the atmospheric Restaurant Viikinsaari, established in 1866, which serves Finnish cuisine in an archipelago setting. The restaurant focuses on domestic ingredients and products from local producers. In addition to the restaurant and café services, the island has a summer theatre and Saarishop, which has both an art gallery and a shop. Viikinsaari attracts many visitors during the summer months, but only people staying in the Nolla Cabins are allowed to stay overnight.

On summer days, time flows pleasantly at Viikinsaari while relaxing in nature. There is a 1.3 km nature trail on the island, which allows you to admire the island's diverse nature both in the lush inner land of the island and along the beach. The nature trail is easily accessible. However, it is worth noting that the route through the middle of the island may be more challenging for people with, e.g., pushchairs. The nature trail has 14 signposts. Children have also been taken into consideration when designing the nature trail, and they are offered a variety of tasks to complete. There is also a meditation path along the nature trail, which offers the opportunity to calm down and immerse yourself in nature.

The island has a beach and a sauna together with swimming platforms. These provide the perfect place to relax on warm summer days and even cooler evenings. The sauna ticket is included in the price of accommodation for those staying at the Nolla Cabins, but the sauna is also available to other ticket holders. The sauna is heated on days when Hopealinja operates its ferry service to the island. On exceptional days, there will be no sauna shift. Generally, sauna shifts are from 3 pm to 6 pm. For exceptions and further information about the sauna, you can read here. There is also a hot tub at the sauna, which can be rented for a separate fee from Hopealinjat.

Viikinsaari and Pyhäjärvi are excellent places for water activities. You can rent canoes, kayaks and SUP boats from Nolla for the duration of your excursion. They provide a convenient way to explore, for example, the nearby Lehtisaari island.

Please remember to check the opening hours and availability of services at:


It is very important that you leave the Nolla Cabin tidy for the next guests.

Please sweep the floor, shake out the blankets and make the beds. Remember also to leave the shelves and hob area tidy and ensure that any waste is properly recycled at the end of your stay. If you notice that something has broken, got lost or is dirty, please let us know immediately. We take special care of the Nolla Cabins to ensure that every guest enjoys a pleasant stay. It is extremely important to us that the Nolla Cabins are kept clean and in good condition. Please don't walk around the cabin with your shoes on, but leave them in the storage box located outside. Thank you!

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