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Nolla’s mission is to promote carbon neutral tourism. We want to offer an accessible way to break away from everyday life and feel the diversity of nature in all its splendour.

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Nolla is more than just a cabin. Nolla’s ideology is based on responsible, carbon neutral ecotourism, where visitors become one with nature.

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Nolla cabins provide a unique holiday experience combined with an ecological and responsible way to stay in sensitive areas, where, in the past, camping has often been the only option.

Come and explore the archipelago, fells, forests and lakes, experience the four seasons of the unique Nordic nature and the architecture of the award-winning Nolla cabins.

The map below shows the constantly expanding Nolla network. If you want to be notified when new destinations become available, please leave us your contact information:

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    Spending the night in a Nolla cabin

    All Nolla cabins include a solar power station that, depending on the weather, produces enough energy to charge about two phones a day. In addition, Nolla cabins are equipped with a hob and heater.

    There are also cooking utensils and crockery. In addition, all the cabins have a bed with quilts and pillows for two adults. You will need to bring your own lunch, any equipment you may need on your trip as well as bed linen or a sleeping bag.

    Once you have made your booking, you will receive an email with a door code to enter your Nolla cabin.

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    Do you have a unique site that you could offer Nolla? We are constantly looking for companies operating in the field of travel services that would like to cooperate with us.

    Call us on 010 384 5000 or leave your contact information below and our personnel will contact you to discuss how Nolla can best serve your business.

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