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Primitive luxury

The sustainably-minded Nolla glamping cabins explore the space between connection and disconnection, wilderness and primitive luxury. Nolla cabins invite you to experience nature in unique locations, where camping has been the only possibility in the past. With Nolla, you have a chance to reconnect with nature and embrace the present moment.

To ensure our impact on nature is always positive, we compensate 121kg of carbon dioxide emissions for each night spent and donate 2% of our sales to the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

Total carbon footprint

-121kg per night

Spending a night in a Nolla cabin

Spending a night in a Nolla cabin is a unique experience combined with an ecological and responsible way to stay in preserved areas of nature.

Our locations are chosen carefully, ensuring we can offer our guests enjoyable pastimes in nature such as hiking, kayaking, and electric biking.

Each Nolla cabin has beds for two people and everything you need for your stay: blankets, pillows, general cooking utensils, and crockery. Cabins have a solar power station and a small stove. You only need to bring suitable clothing, food and drinks, and bed linen or sleeping bags.


We are currently operating in Isosaari in the Helsinki archipelago. Isosaari is an old fortress island, which for decades was inaccessible to ordinary people. Only a 30-minute boat ride from the Helsinki Market Square, Isosaari is one of the outermost islands in the Helsinki archipelago. Close to the city, but far enough not to be disturbed by its noise. Isosaari has a public sauna that everyone is welcome to use. The price of the Nolla cabin night includes the boat ride to the island.

Our upcoming destinations for 2022 include Espoo, Vänö and Hossa. By purchasing an early-bird ticket for the next season, you will get to make your reservation before the booking opens to the public. Based on our experience from past years, once opened the booking calendar fills very quickly.

Gifting a night in Nolla is a thoughtful gesture for the environment, and of course, for that special person who receives it. We compensate 121kg of carbon emissions out of each sold voucher and donate 2% to the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

Special price is available for a limited time only. We will keep early birds noted on the process of our new destinations, working hard to open them before July 2022. Early bird vouchers are valid until Dec 31, 2022.

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In 2022 all journalists and influencers have a special opportunity to stay overnight for free in Nolla cabin situated in one of the world’s stunning locations, the Finnish archipelago. A small private island, Bärsskär offers true primitive luxury. Enjoy the silence, immerse yourself in the surrounding nature and swim naked in the sea. Bärsskär is nothing you’ve experienced before.