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Hotel Rantapuisto

Hotel Rantapuisto is located right next to the sea, in the heart of nature, but also a close distance from the city. The impressive main hotel building, located in the midst of East Helsinki nature, was completed in the 1960s as a training centre for a bank.

Nolla Rantapuisto

Staying in the Nolla cabin, developed in cooperation between Marimekko and Nolla Company, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful Rantapuisto setting while surrounded by Finnish design. The world’s only Marimekko Nolla offers a wonderful nature tourism experience combined with eco-friendly and responsible accommodation.

The Nolla cabin operates entirely on renewable energy and it is adorned with stylish Marimekko textiles. You will find two separate beds, bathrobes and crockery in the cabin. As soon as you step out of the cabin, you can sink your toes into the sandy beach while listening to the murmuring sea.

You will also have access to a Prime Guest level hotel room with a sea view, meaning that you will get a full hotel experience while not forgetting the thrill of staying in a cabin. Accommodation at Nolla includes a copious buffet breakfast in restaurant Furu.

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You can book your stay at Marimekko Nolla easily on the Rantapuisto website or at the hotel reception. Rantapuisto season is from 1 April to 30 September 2022. For additional information please call the hotel reception at +358 29 3200 200

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